Número Uno

by Man at War

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Recorded here and there, at home, whenever that was at the time.


released August 21, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Ryan Rebo ©
Meredith Godreau (Gregory and the Hawk) sang on all 4 tracks.
My wife Kelly Rathbone sang on Cinnamon Bear.
Michael Van Pelt (Blitzen Trapper) helped with final mixes.
Mastered by Timothy Stollnwerk
Album artwork by Tyrie Brown



all rights reserved


Man at War Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Day and Age
I know that rock ‘n’ roll
Cannot save my soul
But it makes me feel alright in the meantime
So darlin pass me a drink
And I’ll drift to think
That maybe one day we’re gonna wake up

In this day and age
With all the wars and the rage
And all the aeroplanes I don’t wanna get on
Darlin let’s live in the trees
Honey let’s drift on the breeze
Let’s get down on our knees and believe in love again
Track Name: Cinnamon Bear
Back on top it’s the dancing bear
“What’s all the commotion?”
Well, he got a new promotion and he
escaped from the zoo and he doesn’t need permission
You don’t need permission when you’re on a special mission, don’t ya know?

“What’s all this?”, I ask the Cinnamon Bear.
He says “I’m doing fine, I’m on my third glass of wine.
Here, take a ride upon my magical hide.”
So we went through the trees, the forest and the streams, don’t ya know?

Don’t leave me alone (no, I don’t want to be alone)
You can call me on the phone or you can find me at home
I’ll be daydreaming of the day that I die
Nah I’m just kidding, I’m in the land of the living
Don’t ya know?
Track Name: Golden Avenue
Cry me river
I’ll get in my canoe
And we’ll float on down
to Golden Avenue
I am reaching for Neptune
Cos the stars slip right through my fingertips
I’ve been gazing at the atmosphere
But I know that you need me here…

I’m a man of convictions
But there are too many restrictions
Sum it up and then I start to sink
I learned to swim so I’ll be fine I think
I am not a magician
But there’s magic in the air
We are living outside ourselves
There’s no reason to be scared

So cry me a river
I’ll get in my canoe
And we’ll float on dow-ow-own
To Golden Avenue
Track Name: Animal at Night
Forgive me Lord, for I know exactly what I do
But I do it anyway
I guess some may say I have gone astray
Problem is, is I kind of like it that way

Like an animal at night
Like a string without a kite
Like a dog that’s ready to bite

Forgive me Lord, for I don’t know who I am
I though I did, but I’m feeling like half a man
It doesn’t matter, we’re floating through the air
Or maybe it matters, but I just don’t really care

It’s a fine line (a little too fine for me)
So I’ll define it the way that I want it to be